Sitehost, Pages, and MySQL disk space quotas

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Current Sitehost, Pages, and MySQL quotas

Service Quota
Sitehost 2 GB
Pages 1 GB
MySQL for Sitehost account 5 GB

Disk storage space on Sitehost and Pages

Owners, developers, and proxies on Sitehost accounts will receive automatic notifications from when accounts reach 75%, 90%, and 100% of their allotted storage quota. To request additional storage quota for the account, email Tier 2 Support.

Sitehost has a hard quota limit of 2 GB, and Pages has a hard quota limit of 1 GB. If you require more than the quota, you can email Tier 2 Support to request an increase. When making a request for a storage increase, you should provide details explaining your need for the increase. Users are urged to store any large media files (images, videos, PDFs, etc.) on external services.

As a Sitehost or Pages account owner, you are required to follow best practices on your site to stay below the quota:

  • Remove unused files.
  • When possible, avoid using Sitehost or Pages as a file-sharing platform, using appropriate alternatives instead (see Options for storing files at IU).
  • Remove streaming media files, using alternatives such as Kaltura when practical.
  • Remove backup copies, storing them on a storage service capable of handling Restricted data.

Determine current disk space use

To see how much space your Sitehost or Pages account is currently using, visit the URLs below:

  • Sitehost:<account>/sitehost (replace <account> with the actual account name)
  • Pages:

Alternatively, you can check your disk space use from the command line. To do so, connect to Sitehost via SSH (for connection instructions, see Use PuTTY to connect to IU Sitehosting). Once you are logged into the terminal, enter:

du -h

The command may take several minutes to run if your account has a large number of files. As it scans your account, the command will list your folders along with the size of each. When complete, the command will display your account's total used space at the end (bordered in red below):

Account space used

Error messages when you exceed your quota

If you use a tool such as Cyberduck or WinSCP to transfer files to your account and notice that the files you transferred are shown as "0KB" (empty), you may have reached your quota limit. If you reach your storage quota while downloading files from the command line, you will also see an error message.

The specific error message you see will depend on the way you are accessing your account:

  • From the command line interface: You will see a message like "Cannot write to <the name of the file that caused you to hit your quota limit> (Disk quota exceeded)".
  • WCMS: In your Notifications, you will see a message that a job had errors. The full notification will contain an error message similar to:

    Error occurred during SFTP transport: Could not put file with path

    Note that any file queued for publishing via WCMS may end up being written, or over-written as 0KB (empty).

    (Click image to enlarge it.)

  • Cyberduck: You will see an error similar to one of the following:
    <name of file>
    Transfer incomplete

    Error message

    Connection failed

    Error message

  • WinSCP: You will see an error similar to one of the following:
    Received SSH2_MSG_CHANNEL_DATA for nonexistent channel 0

    Error message

    Received unexpected packet in response to authentication request, type 132272 (unkown)
    Authentication log (see session log for details):
    Using username <username>
    Authorized users only.
    Authentication failed.

    Error message

Disk storage space on MySQL for Sitehost

You are granted an automatic 5 GB quota when your MySQL for Sitehost account is created.

As a MySQL for Sitehost account owner, you are required to follow best practices on your site to stay below the 5 GB quota:

  • Remove unused schemas and tables.
  • Optimize schema use to minimize the amount of data replication.

Determine current disk space use

For help working with MySQL Workbench and using API stored procedures, see Use MySQL Workbench to connect to the Sitehost MySQL servers.

To see how much space your MySQL for Sitehost account is currently using, use MySQL workbench to run this API stored procedure:

call api.checkDbSize('name', 'asc');

The procedure above returns a list of schemas in ascending alphabetical order by schema name, along with current size in megabytes (MB). Using different arguments, you can sort by schema size ('size' instead of 'name') and descending order ('desc' instead of 'asc').

This procedure ignores empty schemas (those with no tables).